Monday – Thursday: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Friday – Saturday: 10:00am – 12:00am
Sunday: 10:00pm – 6:00pm
363 Atlantic Blvd., Suite 3, Atlantic Beach, FL

Professional Staff

Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. Our team is ready to serve you at their best, every day. Seriously, “We didn’t get all dressed up for nuthin”

Membership Has It's Benefits

Becoming a member of Valhalla Barbershop gives you more than a discount on cuts. You will always receive first invites for special events, discounted beer and merchandise, and priority booking for your barber to show you that we take your loyalty to us seriously and with gratitude. Welcome to Valhalla.

A Real Cause

You are a warrior and you fight for success for you & your family. We love to provide you with your own Valhalla, a place where you can be at rest. You also help us support a real cause.

A portion of every dollar spent at Valhalla is allocated to support Suicide Prevention for our Veterans who have served as the real warriors of our society. They deserve to be at rest too. With your help, we can all do our part to show them the love & honor they deserve.

Beverage Selection

Priority #1 – Give you loads of options…
Priority #2 – Give you even more options…

We’re committed to quenching your thirst whether it be Tap Beer, Craft Beer, Ciders, Seltzers, Kombucha, Mead, Sodas, Sober Options, and more.

Free Beer

A good brew doesn’t have to wait. We want you to relax, reset, and release your stress. If you get a haircut as a member, first round of suds is on the house. Always.

The Munchies

We know the appetite that comes with a hard working day and a good evening brings. Check out our menu for delicious bites from light fare to guilt free indulgence and selected pairings of good drink and good eats.

Our simple selection does not disappoint.


Long day at work? House party? Already have plans? Is it poker night?  Why walk through the local grocery to get a mediocre beer when you have the entire Valhalla selection at your fingertips through our app?

Customize your drink order from your phone, drive through, show your ID, and take a finer taste home for your own enjoyment.

How to Order?

Follow our online ordering link to place your order

Top Notch Tap House

Valhalla’s Tap House is fully loaded with a variety of over 150+ different craft beers and ciders with over 40 of them being on tap.

Drink at Valhalla

With over 150+ beer and cider selection, comfortable seating, and a positive vibe, you can enjoy your beverage selection in house at Valhalla.

Grab & Go

We also offer a “self service” mix and match selection of bottles to drink at the lounge poured in a chilled glass, or you can take home to enjoy later.